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About ShipSticks

About Us

"Simplify The Way You Travel "

Founded in 2012, Ship Skis is the door-to-door shipping solution for the individual or family that is looking to simplify the way they travel. Whether you are shipping your skis, snowboards, boots or luggage, Ship Skis will ensure that your equipment is delivered with an on-time guarantee.

Ship Skis is partnered with the world’s leading logistic providers and our comprehensive platform determines the shortest available transit times and most competitive rates based on your shipment locations. In addition, our easy-to-use website allows you to create an account, process a shipment, and print your shipping label in less than 60 seconds. Print your label at the time of order – Same Day Pick ups; perfect for those last-minute trips.

Our leading customer service team, and dedicated tracking specialists will monitor your shipment while it is in transit, ensuring the most timely delivery. Having dedicated tracking specialists allows us to be proactive and preemptive in getting bags expedited if they deviate off their projected schedules. You too, can track and monitor your package in real time, or rest easy knowing the experts are carefully monitoring the delivery of 1000’s of packages a day.

Servicing over 220 countries across the globe, our International Specialist make shipping International convenient and reliable. Whether it is filing customs documentation or making arrangements with an overseas resort, your equipment will be ready for use upon your arrival.

It's time to change the way you travel!