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"Frequently Asked Questions"

Rates and Scheduling

Q: How much does it cost to ship my skis and/or snowboard(s)?

A: The cost to ship your skis and/or snowboard(s) with Ship Skis varies based on the origination and destination of the shipment as well as the desired service. A ground shipment can range from $39.00 to $69.00, while air shipments range between $89.00 and $149.00.

Q: How far in advance do I need to schedule my shipment?

A: We recommend scheduling one week prior to your trip, which allows you the ability to select from the various services and price points that Ship Skis offers. However, we do realize that your travel arrangements may change and that a shipment may need to be scheduled that very day. Therefore, Ship Skis allows for a same day pick up and overnight shipping. For the planner, a shipment may be scheduled with Ship Skis as far as 90 days in advance.

Q: Are my skis and/or snowboard(s) guaranteed to arrive on-time?

A: Yes, Ship Skis offers an on-time guarantee. All shipments are guaranteed to arrive on the selected delivery date by the end of the day. In the rare circumstance that your shipment does not arrive as scheduled, Ship Skis offers a consequential late bag policy, which compensates you for any purchases that are needed until your shipment arrives. Learn more about Ship Skis’ consequential late shipment policy, or visit the Ship Skis terms of use.

Q: Where can I ship my skis and/or snowboard?

A: Ship Skis offers both domestic and international shipping services. Ship Skis is able to ship your skis and/or snowboard(s) to any location other than a post office box. All domestic Ski Resorts and Hotels are preloaded in the Ship Skis system for your convenience. Should you be shipping to a Ski Resort and/or Hotel please be sure to provide a reservation number on the shipping label (may be added to additional info on the ship now page). If you are shipping to a residence/business please be sure to select “other address” on the Ship Now page.

Q: Can I ship all of my ski gear and luggage through Ship Skis?

A: Yes, Ship Skis allows you the ability to ship additional ski gear and luggage. Additional ski gear may include ski boots, goggles, clothing, outerwear, helmets, ski poles, and any other gear that may be needed while hitting the slopes. When processing your shipment please be sure to add the appropriate size luggage to accommodate the ski gear that you have decided to ship. The dimension of luggage may be found on the Ship Now page.

Q: Does my shipment come with insurance? If so how much?

A: Yes, Ship Skis provides $500.00 of complimentary insurance with each shipment. However, we do understand the value of your equipment and recommend that sufficient insurance be purchased in order to cover the total costs of the goods being shipped. Ship Skis offers additional insurance, up to $3,500.00, for a nominal fee.

Q: Can I ship multiple skis/snowboard(s) at one time?

A: Yes, Ship Skis allows you the ability to ship multiple shipments within one transaction. Simply select the amount of skis/snowboard(s) being shipped and an individual shipping label will be created for each set of skis/snowboard(s). A multi-traveler shipment may also be scheduled within one transaction.

Shipment Preparation and Packaging

Q: How do I package my skis/snowboard(s)?

A: While we recommend that all shipments are shipped in a box, we do realize that it can be difficult to obtain a large box that is capable of fitting your skis and/or snowboard(s). Therefore, we ask that all shipments in a hard/soft traveling case be properly packaged and that adequate padding is supplied around fragile and/or precision parts of the skis/snowboards.

Q: How much can my shipment weigh?

A: A standard set of skis and/or snowboard should weigh no more than 25lbs. with the appropriate packaging. If (2) sets of skis and/or snowboards are being shipped the shipment should weigh no more than 40lbs. Should your shipment exceed the maximum weight limit, additional handling may be incurred causing the shipment to be delayed. If your shipment exceeds the maximum weight limit, please contact a Ship Skis customer service representative so the appropriate shipping label can be purchased.

Q: How do I get my shipping labels?

A: Once your shipment has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to print your shipping label(s). If multiple shipping labels are purchased, a link will be provided for each piece and/or traveler that is being shipped. Should a round trip shipment be processed, both the outbound and return shipping labels will be available in the confirmation email that is received.

Q: How do I apply my shipping label to the shipment?

A: If your skis/snowboard(s) are being shipped in a box, please ensure that the shipping label is securely attached to the box using clear packaging tape, shipping pouch, or a self-adhesive shipping label. If your skis/snowboards are being shipped in a soft/hard sided travel case, it is recommended that a luggage/fly tag is used for the shipping label. A luggage/fly tag can be obtained from a local shipping store and/or hub. If a luggage/fly tag is not available, clear packaging tape may be used as long as the shipping label is securely attached to the soft/hard travel case being shipped.

Q: Does my shipment have to be shipped in a box for International Shipments?

A: Yes, Ship Skis requires that all international shipments be shipped in a box. International Shipments are required to be shipped in a box due to the customs process. Should an International Shipment not be shipped in a box, additional days in transit may occur due to customs clearance.

Pickup/Drop-off through Delivery

Q: Should I have my skis/snowboard(s) picked up or drop them off?

A: Ship Skis allows you the option to either drop the shipment off at a local FedEx/UPS Store (based on the designated carrier) or have the shipment picked up at the origination address provided. A pickup will be scheduled for all shipments unless a drop off is selected. Additional charges do not apply to schedule a pickup. If dropping off your shipment at the local FedEx/UPS Store, please be sure to have the shipment at the carriers store before the last pick-up is made.

Q: Where does Ship Skis pick up from?

A: Ship Skis can arrange to have your skis/snowboard(s) picked up from any residence, business, hotel, or resort.

Q: Who is picking up my skis/snowboard(s)?

A: Ship Skis is partnered with various logistics providers such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL. Based on the origination and destination of your shipment, Ship Skis will determine which logistics provider will best facilitate your shipment based on cost and time in transit.

Q: When will Ship Skis pick up my skis/snowboard?

A: Your skis/snowboard(s) will be picked up from the origination address on the date that you selected by the designated carrier. While Ship Skis is unable to provide an exact time that the shipment will be picked up, it is important to have your shipment readily available for the designated carrier between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. If a designated time is needed, please contact a Ship Skis customer service representative for further assistance.

Q: Do I need to be home for my pick up?

A: No, you do not need to be present for the shipment to be picked up. However, please ensure that the skis/snowboard(s) are properly packaged, the shipping label(s) is securely attached, and that the shipment is readily available for the designated carrier to pick up. Please notify a Ship Skis customer service representative if specific pickup instructions are needed.

Q: How do I track my skis/snowboard(s) while in transit?

A: Ship Skis offers you the ability to track your shipment from the time it is picked up until the time it is delivered to the final destination. You are able to track your shipment using the tracking number that has been provided to you in the Ship Skis email confirmation.

Q: When should I have the skis/snowboard(s) delivered to the destination?

A: Ship Skis recommends having your skis/snowboard(s) delivered the day before you plan to arrive at your final destination. This ensures that your skis and/or snowboard(s) are available for use upon your arrival. Please be aware that all shipments are not guaranteed to arrive until the end of business on the selected arrival date.

Q: How long does it take for my skis/snowboard(s) to arrive?

A: Ship Skis offers several services based on transit times and cost. A domestic shipment may take as long as (6) six business days in transit, while an overnight shipment only takes (1) one business day in transit. Please be aware that not all destinations offer expedited services, such as overnight shipping.

Q: How do I know my skis/snowboard(s) have arrived at the final destination?

A: A delivery confirmation email will be sent upon delivery of your shipment. The tracking status will also update to “delivered” once the shipment has been successfully delivered. Should proof of delivery be needed for a particular shipment, please contact a Ship Skis customer service representative for additional assistance.

Q: What happens if my skis/snowboard(s) do not arrive as scheduled?

A: If your shipment does not arrive as scheduled, Ship Skis’ consequential late shipment policy will cover up to $200.00 for any rentals and/or incidentals that are needed until your shipment arrives. Should your shipment be delayed and/or late, a Ship Skis customer service representative will contact you prior to the shipments scheduled arrival date to make the necessary arrangements for rentals and any incidentals needed.

Cancellations and Refunds

Q: How do I cancel a shipment that has already been processed?

A: We understand that your plans may change and a shipment may need to be altered or even cancelled. Should a shipment need to be altered or cancelled please contact a Ship Skis customer service representative immediately. Please be aware that only a Ship Skis customer service representative can alter and/or cancel a shipment.

Q: Do I get a refund for canceling my shipment?

A: Yes, Ship Skis will refund any shipment that is cancelled 72 hours prior to the scheduled ship date. If your shipment is cancelled within the 72 hour window, a $20.00 cancellation fee will occur. Please be aware that the $20.00 cancellation fee is applied to each individual tracking number that is associated with the order. Therefore, please be sure to contact us immediately should you need to cancel your shipment.

Q: When can I expect a refund for my shipment?

A: Once your shipment has been cancelled, it may take up to (30) thirty days before your refund is processed. However, please be aware that it generally takes between 7-10 business days for a refund to occur. A refund can and will only be applied to the original credit card that was used to process the original shipment. Ship Skis is unable to issue a check or cash refund for any shipment.

Q: How do I know that my shipment has been cancelled?

A: A Ship Skis customer service representative will email a cancelation notification stating that your shipment has been cancelled and that a refund will be issued in the coming days. This email is generally sent within 24 hours of canceling your shipment.